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JQRacing - THECar RTR (Ready to Race)
  • JQRacing - THECar RTR (Ready to Race)
  • JQRacing - THECar RTR (Ready to Race)
  • JQRacing - THECar RTR (Ready to Race)
  • JQRacing - THECar RTR (Ready to Race)
  • JQRacing - THECar RTR (Ready to Race)
  • JQRacing - THECar RTR (Ready to Race)

JQRacing - THECar RTR (Ready to Race)

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THE Car Competition RTR (Ready to Race) 1/8 nitro off-road buggy with Savox Metal Gear (Low Voltage) Digital Servo

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This is the JQ Products "THE Car" Ready to Race Competition 1/8 Scale Buggy. JQ Products is setting a new standard for performance in the RTR 1/8 scale buggy market. Using clever design and production arrangements, JQ Products has been able to produce a high spec RTR 1/8 scale buggy that is as close to the Pro version of THE Car as possible, at a price that makes it affordable to get into an 1/8 scale buggy! 

Most RTR's use bargain bin equipment that makes them unreliable and hard to drive, even for experienced racers. This is not the case with THE RTR! Savöx digital servos and an Alpha engine were chosen as standard equipment based on their performance, as well as their affordability. The included Savöx digital servos are strong and fast enough to control the buggy with a level of precision that is similar to cars with high end servos, while the standard pull start Alpha engine has more than enough power for this super lightweight buggy. Plus, when you drive THE Car you have access to an unbelievable world wide support team that is fielded by a wide range of drivers, including JQ himself! So whether its engine tuning or setup advice, JQ Products is behind you 110% to help you achieve success on the track.


  • Weight: 3300 grams
  • Radio System: 2.4GHz, with EPA, dual rate and trim
  • Receiver Pack: 1200mAh NiMh
  • Engine: Alpha .21 Pullstart
  • Steering Servo: Savöx SC0253MG metal gear digital servo; 0.14sec/111.09 oz in (8kg)*
  • Throttle/Brake Servo: Savöx SC0352 digital servo; 0.13sec/90.26 oz in (6.5kg)
  • Tires: Multi surface pre-glued tires on THE Wheel
  • Chassis: 4mm Aluminum
  • Bodyshell: Pre-painted lexan body
  • Driveshafts: Front CVD Driveshaft, Rear Dogbones
  • Clutch: 3 shoe clutch
  • Shock Absorbers: Hard Anodized Shocks w/3.5mm shock shaft
  • Brakes: Twin fiberglass brake disks
  • Switch: THE JQ Genius non-Patented Safety Switch


Needed to Complete: 

  • Glow Starter (Igniter)
  • (4 Pcs.) AA Batteries for THE Transmitter
  • Standard glowplug
  • 17mm wheel wrench 
  • RC Fuel & Bottle
  • NiMH battery charger for receiver battery 
  • Air filter oil
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