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JQRacing - THECar Yellow Edition (Pro Buggy Kit)

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JQRacing THE Car 1/8 Competition PRO Buggy Kit (Yellow Edition)


This is JQRacing "THE Car" Yellow Edition 1/8 Scale Competition PRO Buggy Kit. THECar is now about 1 and a half years old, and it is time for a serious update. During the first year, JQ updated a variety of parts, including the plastics and the hingepins. All these changes were made to address durability issues and JQ acted fast improving the weaknesses. The next step, was to focus on improving the handling. During the end of last year JQ tested a variety of ideas and concepts, and were able to improve the handling to the point that an updated version was justified. Now they bring us the Yellow Edition! From this point forward, every JQ car will be accompanied with a color designation as a way to differentiate between different variations of the vehicle. THECar will always be THECar, and in true JQ fashion this unique nomenclature is what will be used to identify the different models in the JQ line.


  • Narrower, symmetrical and more flexible chassis. For more traction, improved jump landing and rough track handling.
  • Sideguards to match the chassis.
  • Bodyshell to match the chassis.
  • Improved smoother shocks, with soft bladders and CNC shock caps. These improve every aspect of the handling. THECar is easier to drive.
  • Shock springs, Soft, Medium and Hard. THECar includes Med and Hard as standard.
  • 3 shoe clutch, for increased performance. Now it actually works.
  • Larger capacity fuel tank with O-ring cap seal for improved sealing.
  • Smooth Gearing, (43/13) and (45/13) included as standard.
  • Extra set of stiffer 2.4 and 2.5 swaybars included.

Vehicle: 1/8 Nitro 4WD Buggy 

Width: 307mm 
Wheelbase: 324-328mm 
Weight: 3240g* 
Internal Gear Ratio: 3.3:1

Items Needed for Completion:

  • .21 Nitro Engine
  • Tuned Exhaust System
  • 2 Channel Radio System and 8 AA Batteries
  • High Torque Steering & Brake Servo's (2)
  • Receiver Battery
  • Tires, Wheels & Tire Glue 
  • Silicone Shock Fluid
  • Silicone Differential Fluid 
  • Glow Driver
  • Starter Box & Batteries
  • Nitro Fuel & Fuel Bottle
  • Paint for Polycarbonate Body
  • Charger for Receiver Pack & Starter Box Batteries