FlexyCap - Black - Engine Head Protector

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Universal protector for 1/8 RC engines head protector


Universal protector for 1/8 RC engines

  • Protects the cooling head from scratches and breaking
  • Permits the normal refrigeration of the engine
  • Made of elastic material from high quality
  • Fits perfect for any .21 and .28 engine
  • Available in various colours
  • 100% washable


  • Working temperature range: -40°C / +200°C
  • Resistance to abrasion (Included at high temperatures)
  • Flexibility at high and low temperatures
  • Resistance to the contact with fuels and chemicals
  • Resistance to solar light, humidity and weathering agents in general
  • In case of fire is self-extinguishing
  • Outer diameter: 60,5 mm
  • Weight :10g